Please use our below “Smart meter” Power Point Presentation, compliments of to help educate and inform your community about smart meters!! You can add or delete pages as necessary to make your presentation up to date.

Smart Meter Presentation Topanga Power Point

Below are some other excellent websites full of resources for you to learn about, protect yourself and take action to stop involuntary exposure to this radiation…


American Coalition Against Smart Meters

Burbank Action

Burgerwelle, Omega News, Citizens Initaitive

Center For Electrosmog Prevention

Center For Safe Wireless

Citizens for Safe Technology

The Ecological Options Network

Electromagnetic Man

EMF Safety Network

International EMF Alliance

Next Up

Power Watch

Rad Free Topanga

Radiation Research Trust

Refuse Smart Meters


Smart Meter Dangers

Stop Smart Meters

The Peoples Initiative Foundation

Topangans For A Radiation Free Community