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There are MANY violations of human rights happening right now regarding the roll out of smart meters and smart grid in addition to other involuntary radiation exposure to this kind of radiation throughout the world.  If the issue of health effects from exposure to non ionizing radiation (such as from cell phones and cell towers) has been covered up, the roll out of smart meters has BLOWN THE LID off this issue by delivering this radiation in a very personal way, right to each and everyone’s doorstep.  Anger is mounting about this ubiquitous, mandatory exposure to this carcinogenic, privacy invading device and infrastructure and people are beginning to wake up  and do something about it!

And we are no exception…Currently, we are organizing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against our local Southern CA utility provider, Edison, regarding HEALTH EFFECTS from SMART METERS/SMART GRID. However, this law suit will open up to ALL UTILITY CUSTOMERS in the state of CA once we file.  If you or your loved ones believe you have been harmed physically by smart meters or smart grid and would like to be included in this CONTINGENCY (attorney covers court, filing and expert witness costs) law suit, please contact us.

If you are not an Edison customer but would like to sue your utility for health effects from smart meters/smart grid, please also contact us as this law suit will open to you once we have filed.

Some of the known health effects associated with smart meters are:

Birth Defects
Burning Sensations
Ear Pain
Heart Arrhythmia
Heart Attack
Interference with medical implant devices
Neurological Illnesses
Nose Bleeds
Reproductive Problems
Skin Rashes

If you would like to sue your utility for any of the other known violations associated with smart meters/smart grid, such as over billing, privacy invasion or fire hazard, please get in touch with us for this too, as we may be able to direct you to law suits already forming in your area on these issues, or perhaps with enough plaintiffs, we will take some of these issues on in the near future.


Please read the below article on the culmination of our nearly 3 year legal battle against the utilities for health effects from smart meters/smart grid…

With Liberty and Justice for None,

An Educational Creative Writing Summary on the Genesis and Downfall of a Mass Tort Lawsuit Against the Utilities for Health Effects from Smart Meters/Smart Grid

32 Responses to Welcome to Citizens for A Radiation Free Community!

  1. Robert Pease says:

    I am mailing in my $75 today with the memo stating “Paid under duress”, along with the opt-out card they sent me in the mail. Any advice you can give me concerning the small claims I intend to file will be appreciated.

  2. Pat says:

    Look at what Chattanooga is doing so much smarter and safer. BRAVO. Fiber optic technology was suggested by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in his youtube.com video as better, safer technology. I am sending this to CA CPUC along with my letter (3rd) for whatever good it will do. At least they know they are already behind the times and have no excuse for their lack of knowldege and their stupidity.


    I refuse to have a SCE smart meter attached to my home for as long as possible. And I refuse to send anybody my new “Phase 2” fee which is now $98.00 “initial” and $24.00 monthly. I’ll never get it back and that is giving in to their evil deeds of darkness. The costs will continue to go up, I am sure. But I weil have my electricity turned off before I submit to their dirty deals and gestapo like tactics. If my Jesus Christ can be tortured and die nailed to a cross…I can certainly do without my TEEVEE, washer and dryer and all the electro-luxeries of today. The early settlers also went without their electrical luxuries. It’s about time we gave up some of those wizardry of techno-gadgets!!!

    Peevey should be removed from his position, likewise Judge Amy Yip, and also Governor Brown should be impeached for their collusion and back room backstabbing of the people of California. These 2 old men are out of touch and way too old for the high and responsible positions they serve in.

    The thing with taking them to small claims court for $7500.00 each time there is an offense is that WE STILL PAY FOR IT!! It does not come out of SCE’s pocket but ours.

  3. Paul Von says:

    Legal action is not the way to proceed, and the utility companies will scoff at these completely ineffective processes. The only way to stop the destruction of your health and the maiming of your children, will be through armed attacts on the utility companies and those persons in their employ.
    You may consider my comment as too radical, foolish, or unrealistic. You are under biological attack by the communications and utility companies, and your futures are at serious risk. There are over 3,700 scientific studies describing the impacts of wireless and powerline electromagnetic fields on human biological health. It is unfortunate that you are failing to take appropriate and effective corrective action.

  4. Nancy Russell says:


  5. Rosemary Bensko says:

    Has anyone experienced double vision?

  6. Veronica says:

    I have developed a severe case of electromagnetic sensitivity. I have a gas smart meter, a water smart meter–right in my family room, and an electric smart meter. I am currently unable to even live in my own home. The utilities have refused to help me at all. My elected officials have yet to give me any advice or direction even after contacting them several times. None of the state agencies that are suppose to help you have given me any help whatsoever. I am suffering greatly and seem to have no recourse. My symptoms include burning skin, severe headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations (feels like my heart is flip flopping), my blood pressure and pulse go crazy for no reason, I am unable to sleep. All I want is to get those meters out of my house and off of my house. Please let me know what I should do and if there is any way I can help. I live in Indiana and would like to get a group of people together here. My email is nosmartmeter4indiana@yahoo.com. Please contact me if you live in Indiana. Thanks

  7. Laurie says:

    yes Rosemary, I have had double-vision now for 2 1/2 years, ever since the day they installed the smart meter. I have been able to mitigate some of the other symptoms I was suffering with by using various frequency devices and going on a raw diet but double-vision among a few other ailments have not abated.

  8. Jane Stillwater says:

    To add insult to injury, I also have to actually pay PG&E $5 a month in order to not have a SmartMeter installed. But this still does no good because there are approximately 24 other SmartMeters within 50 yards of my apartment which I can do nothing about.

  9. John Reilly says:

    I want to be included in your protest, how do I join you?

  10. Susan McCord-Neufeld says:

    Yes, count me in yr lawsuit. I hv many symptoms. I have had to stay in the house for nearly two yrs with my husband who was quite ill, due to some “neurological disfunctions”. He died. I was told it was fm past alcohol abuse or possible werenickes disease. I disagreed. I believe it could hv been constant indoor exposure to smart meters. Although I have optd out, there are several around the perimeter of our house.

    He declined quickly once we had to stay in all the time. I too became very ill. My husband’s autopsy came back. Was NOT alcohol or werenickes disease. They said, he has some unusual brain disease and the Neurological Institute in Phx, AZ wanted his brain to study. The radiation made him very sick. He had a compromised immune system and it expedited his death.

    My symptoms consists of; heart arrhythmia, headaches, extreme fatigue, skin rash, (until I put up a wall with foil around it at foot of bed), where another neighbors meter is located 10ft fm my bedroom.

    Additional symptoms: Vision impairment, blurred and double, irradic blood pressure, dizziness, and constant extreme pain in joints and muscles. Because I am in hot weather, summer temps, I rarely go outside. The exposure is constant.
    Pls help us all.

  11. Ronald Mirolla says:

    I would love to be part of a class action suit to get these so call smart meters removed.

  12. sam says:

    Since smart meters were installed in our neighborhood, I began having blurred vision, rashes, arrythmia, insomnia, tinntinitus and dizzy spells. Recently I had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering from a blackout. Suspecting a stroke, they proceeded to do a cat scan, MRI and various other tests. All of the tests came back negative and I was sent home. I still have insomnia, dizzy spells, arrythmia and the tinntinitus is driving me crazy! I put a sign on my meter asking them not to install it……so how can they get away with this??

  13. Susan Lyons and Jerry Ctler says:

    How can we protect our home?
    I was told that placing a sheet metal late between the meter and our home to deflect microwaves?
    . We live in a very rural area three hours northeast of Toronto. We have a frame house with surrounded by siding.
    We had read about the Grahm Stetzer filters which are expensive but we will buy them if they are part of the solution.
    I would greatly appreciate your advice.

  14. Elle says:

    What can we do?

  15. Rosemarie says:

    Greenwave or Stetzer filters help. Get a meter from either company so you can measure the results. If you use a shield on the wall to block the radiation coming from the meter be sure to ground by attaching a clip with ground plug which you can buy at Lessemf.com. You can use aluminum screen to shield but you need to ground by attaching the ground plug.

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  17. deanna munson says:

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  19. I live in an apartment in Los Angeles, where I don’t think we have any smart meters installed yet, but I’m not sure, maybe we do already. I have received a letter from the gas company saying they are planning on installing gas smart meters, which they call “advanced meters,” so they can hide the fact that they are the same thing as smart meters. Is there a movement here in Los Angeles that can help me stand up to the landlord and management company of my apartment and tell them to not allow these meters to be installed?

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  27. sarah says:

    i have been affected by this smart meter for over a tear. i am highly sensitive and disabled with screws in my neck, back, and knee replacements in both knees. My nerves are shattered, and I am losing all of my muscle strength. I have proven to my husband and family members that the utility company is now personally attacking me with frequencies. I need help quick.I can’t seem to be able to find a lawyer with any guts. I’m in real trouble, so many health problems from head to toe arising.

  28. Jerri says:

    I’m burning, severe ear pain, skin rashes and many specialist don’t know what’s wrong..I’m getting ivig because it is compromising immune system..I live in middle of high rise apt building where I’m see rounded by many floors of 5 g wifi!!

  29. Frank Visintin says:

    I had PG%E replace the gas and electric meters with analog meters. The Town Discovery Bay is not allowing an opt-out program for smart water meters. We currently do not have water meters. I do not object to an analog water meter. Any idea on how to fight the smart water meter installation?

  30. Thank you for your kind and encouraging letter. I believe my many videos of proof , showing how the entire metering system and unsecured embedded sensor networks continue to provide access to those capable of using electronic devices to wound, sicken, torture and force older adults to depend on high dose Opioids from caregivers for relief. Please advise me about what legal help is available here in Los Angeles.

  31. Shelley G says:

    Are there any filings in the works against Duke Energy against the smart meters. We should consider lawsuits against every energy companies who have installed or are planning to install them. We have recently had one installed without prior knowledge or information regarding the health effects of these. I have read people with certain heath issues should not be subjected to their installations,which my husband, myself and one of my children have at least one of mentioned issues if not more. How were they allowed to install the device without the knowledge of any heath issues a family member may have,I have experienced several problems increase since the installation, how is this legal when disclosing health information wasn’t obtained? What can I do to get this meter removed?

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