EMF Mitigating Products

Hi there! Citizens For A Radiation Free Community is a LessEMF affiliate organization, authorized to sell products from their EMF mitigation super store! It helps our work when you order through us because we get a small commission from any products ordered through our site! (But you don’t pay anything extra.) This in return helps keep us going with our expenses which can be rather high. So please do order your EMF mitigating products through our website and thank you for helping keep us doing what we are doing in this fight for our lives and the life of the planet. PS, If you want to purchase anything in bulk, we can arrange for a discount, just let us know! 🙂

Depending on your needs, here are some of our suggestions…

For measuring cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, smart meters and even lots of WIFI signals (but not all WIFI signals), we recommend the fantastic meter below which is our #1 choice in EMF measuring. It is called the HFE35C.

Please click here for specs on this fantastic meter

High Frequency Meter (Part. #CRC481) …………… $299.95 Buy It Online


Magnetic fields are slightly different than RF fields, but just as dangerous.
Click here for specs on good magnetic field meter


When creating a faraday cage, fabric shielding can be a good choice since it is portable.
Click here for specs on recommended fabric shielding


Windows can be a problematic.  RF gets in very easily through them.  However, it is possible to shield windows from letting RF in while still allowing natural light to come in.
Click here for specs on recommended window shielding


When searching through LessEmf’s fabulous store, if you stay in the below link, we will get credited for any you purchase you make.  If you open a new window and search their store, we will get no credit (or commission) at all.  So please use our below link to search the largest online EMF mitigation store in the US.  Thank you for supporting our work.

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