Simply put, we are citizens from all walks of life with one common denominator…we wish to live in a world, free from involuntary exposure to debilitating and deadly microwave radiation as emitted from cell towers, smart meters, WIFI and other involuntary radiation sources.

Currently, we are working on a class action suit against Edison (SCE). Please see our home page for details on this action and please contact us if you would like to join our law suit against Edison for imposing fees to remove dangerous smart meters and give us safe analog meters.

If you do not live in Edison (SCE) territory but would also like to sue your local utility or even your PUC for either imposing opt out fees on smart meters, or any other outrageous crime against humanity being committed by your utility or a cell phone company (installing cell towers near your home, business or school), please contact us so that we may assist in helping make your community a radiation free one!!